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Ro Hew.

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Oh, hey there! My name is Rosie, and I’m a journalist and copywriter based in That London. I mostly write about pop culture, music, queer identities, internet trends, London Life, climate change, and social issues. For money.

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My Work

As a journalist, I’ve written features on everything from fast fashion and feline fitbits to the music industry’s reaction to climate change and anti-vaxxers’ responses to coronavirus. I’ve attempted bizarre wellness routines on a budget, tried to turn my cat into an influencer and sweated my shame away at a bunch of queer fitness classes. I’ve asked Britney Spears fans about their most toxic behaviour, chatted to the Lionesses about the meteoric rise of women’s football and had some Serious Opinions on the branding of Pride.


As a copywriter, I’ve created content for O2, Red Bull and Marriott Bonvoy, as well as being involved in branded campaigns for VICE’s Creative Agency, Virtue. I’ve raised awareness of Art Fund’s great National Art Pass scheme, encouraged millennials to check out some oft-overlooked parts of the UK for Visit Britain and delved into London’s stolen bike black market to promote VanMoof’s nifty smart bikes.

And as Time Out London’s Newsletter and Events Editor, I’ve written cover features about a host of famous Londoners, launched a hugely popular editorial newsletter (you can subscribe to it here) and generally done my best to direct Londoners to the coolest new pop-up rooftop speakeasies, ethical ceramics markets and immersive vegan supper clubs. Somebody has to.


You can check out some of my best work below...go on. I’ll just wait here.



VICE: Coronavirus has been a wake-up call for some anti-vaxxers

A vaccine currently looks like our best chance of being able to stop the worst health crisis in living memory  – but only if enough people actually get it once it arrives.

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REFINERY29: I felt uncomfortable exercising as a queer woman – until now

It’s not uncommon for LGBTQ+ people’s experiences of gyms to run the gamut from mild discomfort to outright homophobia. It's enough to put many off fitness for good.


RED BULL MUSICHow can music fans be more environmentally responsible?

You might have swapped semi-skimmed for oat milk in your morning flat white, but how many times have you thought about the environmental impact of your Spotify habits?

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DAZED BEAUTY: Can the wellness industry really eliminate your comedown forever?


Post-rave wellness used to mean a big sleep, a takeaway and nine hours of reality TV. But nowadays, practising safe sesh looks very different.


DAZED: Three dancers challenging ballet’s rigid gender norms

Genderqueer ballerina Chase Johnsey recently became the first person in history in a major company to dance as the opposite gender to that which they were assigned at birth.



DIY: Britain’s got talent - slowthai

At the start of the year, slowthai was a buzzy new hopeful. As 2019 comes to a close, following the release of incendiary debut ‘Nothing Great About Britain’, he’s grown into a bona fide star.

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HUCK: Shura: “It’s nice to have written something so unapologetically joyous”

After a three-year hiatus during which she was dropped by her label, fell in love and moved to the other side of the world, Shura is back with a second album  – a refreshing joyful ode to queer relationships.


VICE: Lolita Mas: I Used to Promote Fast Fashion On Instagram – But I Had to Stop

Lolita Mas is a London-based fashion blogger and influencer. She tells me how her relationship with fashion has changed since she started blogging in 2014.


DIYClass of 2020 - Arlo Parks

Still in her teens, Londoner Arlo Parks is creating a lyrically-focused, sonically-complex body of work that’s wise beyond her years. Don’t trust us? Ask her increasing army of famous fans.


VICE: Brutally Honest American Queens Review ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race UK’

RuPaul has packed up his wigs, left the keys to the Werk Room with a neighbour and sashayed all the way to the UK in search of novelty accents and an entire series worth of easy puns on who the real Queen of England is.



THE INDEPENDENT: I don’t mind if brands profit from Pride – as long as the LGBT+ community does first

Organising bodies behind Pride marches tend to require sponsors to prove that they are genuine champions of diversity – the same should be true of other brands who jump on the bandwagon.


DIY: DIY’s Albums of the Year 2019

From Billie Eilish’s mammoth breakthrough to Lana Del Rey’s crowning glory, via the rise and rise of Fontaines DC and the return of old favourites Foals, team DIY pick out their favourite records from the past year.


REFINERY29: Pride month is off to the worst start but we need it more than ever

Your timeline, inbox and local high street might be splattered with rainbows, but the first week of Pride 2019 has been marred by a variety of homophobic and transphobic news stories.


VICE: Let’s say it: the UK charts are a mess right now

The Specials have their first-ever number one album this week, with Busted at number two and the soundtrack to ‘The Greatest Showman’ still in the charts at third. So what on earth is that all about then?


PINKNEWS: The condemnation of James Charles is tinged with homophobia

The glee that certain corners of the internet have taken in the beauty influencer’s demise seems to be motivated more by gay panic and homophobia than it does by a genuine concern regarding his actions.

Branded Content

Branded Content

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VICE x VANMOOF: Unlocked, London's Stolen Bike Black Market

VanMoof are on a mission to eradicate bike theft with their #sorrythieves campaign. A growing issue in the UK, VICE delves into the stolen bike black market and finds out how to prevent your two wheels from being nicked.

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From Anglesey to Newcastle, Brixton to Carlisle, find the people, food and adventures you never thought existed –right on your doorstep. Get ready to experience the UK like never before.

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Sparked by Art Fund's Museum of the Year 2019, VICE is on a mission to see what some of the UK's best museums have to offer through the eyes of those they inspire, with the help of a National Art Pass.


O2 ALIVE MAGAZINE: “It has a proud history of nurturing talent from the North East”

An important part of the city's cultural landscape since 1927, Newcastle-bred music writer Rosie Hewitson shares her love for one of the toon’s favourite live venues; O2 Academy Newcastle.


ENGLISH NATIONAL BALLET: ‘In the Wings’ Members’ Magazine

The Prix de Lausanne is one of the most prestigious competitions for young dancers. We catch up with 2018 prizewinner Shale Wagman, who joins the Company this season, to find out why he chose English National Ballet.

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